Below is a slide deck that explains Games Coaching and below that we share how we operate as the governing body for Games Coaching.


We play games - but not as you know it. We play to escape this overly  controlled world where everyone seems to get upset at the slightest  inconvenience and the smallest rule break. And play to 'be kind' - to  share a creative dance of connection and flow - to get a result before  the uncontrollable gets out of hand. And We laugh. It’s a different way  to improve, compete, and play in teams that we call Games Coaching.



We are the governing body for Games Coaching

We have 3 main activities...

  1. To give everyone access to Games Coaching as a different way to improve.

  2. To recruit, train and maintain standards of Games Coaching while helping Games Coaches find work doing Games Coaching.

  3. To promote the benefits Games Coaching offers that are over and above Sports Coaching.

Please note that NeuroDiverseGamesCoaching.ORG is not currently associated with, connected to, or affiliated with any sports governing bodies. We don't operate as a sports club. We don't have trials. We don't run squads. There are no subscriptions. We don't enter competitions run by any sports governing bodies. NeuroDiverse Games Coaching helps everyone to play games in the space between all the sports clubs. Everyone from all clubs and no clubs are guaranteed a warm welcome. Sports clubs are welcome to attend sessions to recruit creative agile-thinking players to play in their teams.


Peer review

Let’s get the standard stuff out of the way. All Games Coaching members must be welfare trained, with DBS, and first aid trained.

​We use three forms of peer review...

  1. Peer review of Games Coaching members by players. All sessions are pay-as-you-go, with no trials, no squads, and players turn up because they want to. If players keep turning up they are giving their peer reviews of their Games Coaching. 

  2. Existing Games Coaching members peer review when someone can join as Games Coach

  3. Existing Games Coaching members peer review each other to maintain membership.

The second and third peer reviews follow these steps…

Step 1: Current Games Coaching members keep an eye out for players who attend our community sessions and who are very comfortable playing games to diversify their thinking and ask if they would like to explore joining.

Step 2: Those selected by current Games Coaches members attend a course on how the brain works in the most and least effective way while working alongside current Games Coaching members. No exams. No certificates. It’s just interesting. The basic content is outlined later on in this document.

Step 3: When 3 of the Games Coaching members confirm someone is ready to run their own sessions they are accepted as Games Coaching members of NeuroDiverseGamesCoaching.ORG

Step 4: Once a year all Games Coaching members attend a festival of games where we have fun as we play games to diversify our thinking as a way for of us all to peer review each other. 

Step 5: If 5 Games Coaching members agree a current Games Coaching member is no longer suitable to be a member that person is removed. If they want to come back they go back to Step 1.



The people below make sure we do what we said we would do. 3 more people are in the process of joining this team.

iain b.png



Iain qualified as a lawyer in 1988 specialising in M&A, stock exchange and complex commercial and joint venture work. Between 1998 and 2002, Iain was Director of Corporate Finance at a corporate industrial developer headquartered in the UK and USA. He joined one of the world’s largest law firms in 2002 and was global Co-Chair of the Commercial Contracts and Franchise and Distribution Groups for 10 years before joining Freeths as National Head of Commercial in 2019. 

Freeths is a UK top 50 law firm with offices in 12 cities in the UK. The firm employs over 1,000 lawyers and support personnel and in the last financial year had fee income in excess of £110 million.

Professional expertise

Iain’s work involves commercial transactions of all descriptions, including outsourcing, offshoring, manufacturing, consultancy, services and service level agreements, procurement of goods and services, supply chain management, logistics, international trade and capital asset procurement, and maintenance. Iain also advises clients in relation to the many different ways of delivering goods and services to market, both within the UK and internationally, including direct sale, agency, distribution, e-commerce, and business format franchising.

Iain also advises in relation to domestic and multi-jurisdictional structured joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances, providing advice on appropriate deal structures and delivery mechanisms relating to national and multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Iain is ranked as a “leading individual” for commercial and franchise work in The Legal 500 and Chambers, is listed in the global Who’s Who Legal for franchise work and is an Acritas™ Star Lawyer. Iain is an Affiliate Member of the British Franchise Association and contributing editor of Global Legal Group’s “International Comparative Legal Guide: Franchise”.

Other information

Iain lives in Hertfordshire, is married to Victoria (also a Partner in an international law firm) and has 4 children. He is a keen sportsman with interests in rugby, snowboarding and all forms of motorsport. He is an RFU accredited junior rugby coach and referee.



Stuart is an experienced outdoor instructor with over 30 years of commercial outdoor teaching experience. He is a national instructor for scuba diving and also a cave leader, bushcraft instructor, and river guide with a particular interest in exploring the remote rivers of Scandinavia. He spent many years working at the Leadership Trust when it was the UK's foremost management training centre.
He is also a company director of his own First Aid Training business with clients as diverse as the Forestry Commission, Imperial College, Birmingham University, and the Natural History Museum. He has used neurodivergent thinking to develop a unique one-day blended First Aid at Work course (plus two days of eLearning) that massively frees up staff time (compared to a traditional 3-day classroom-based course).

Stuart also chairs the Advisory panel for the First Aid Industry Body, the UK’s foremost governing body for independent First Aid training companies. He has also held national positions with the Sub-Aqua Association one of two British Scuba Diving Governing Bodies.

Stuart’s qualifications are diverse from an academic PhD in Microbiology to H&S and leadership qualifications plus video production, animation, etc

Stuart has been working with Jon Thorne for many years and being neurodivergent himself understands the aims of the awarding body and the benefits to those who take part.



Louise has 30+ years of experience in Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) working beside organisations of all sizes, within a range of sectors to achieve their OSH goals and beyond.

Louise is an unconventional #HealthandSafety entrepreneur and influencer motivated by the potential of the profession to unlock the hidden abilities of people to support one another to create a healthy world to live, work and do business. 

Louise is Director of Hosking Associates Ltd, a boutique Health & Safety consultancy, supporting a range of organisations. Director of the OneWISH coalition which is a social enterprise supporting Women & Inclusion in Safety & Health. And has stepped away from her role as IOSH President and Chair of IOSH council.

For those who don't know - The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the world’s Chartered body for safety and health professionals - a 30,000 strong global governing body. 



The people below have been peer reviewed to be Games Coaches. It early days so more will be added soon



Jon is the founder, and creator of Games Coaching and is responsible for executing NeuroDiverseGamesCoaching.ORG strategy.

Jon ... Games Coaches using basketball, netball, rugby, swimming, cooking, storytelling, game design, and adventuring in the mountains and on the sea. His corporate career was helping multi-million-pound projects deliver quicker by operating in the space between the often competing different disciplines involved in delivering complex projects. He gave up his career to home-educate his children supported by his wife. Jon didn't prepare his children for life. They lived. Jon helped his children develop the ability to get results from the uncontrolled - before the uncontrollable got out of hand and have the most outrageous experiences imaginable. Now, Jon and his boys Josh and Arran are the first Games Coaches.



Josh left school at 10 and spent the next 14 years getting results from the uncontrolled - before the uncontrollable got out of hand to have the most outrageous experiences imaginable. Now, Josh is one of the first Games Coaches using basketball, netball, creative writing, adventures in the mountains and on the sea, and computer games



Arran left school at 10 and spent the next 11 years getting results from the uncontrolled - before the uncontrollable got out of hand to have the most outrageous experiences imaginable. Now Arran is one of the first Games Coaches using basketball, netball, swimming, adventures in the mountains and on the sea, and computer games, and computer games.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


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